Robust Control

*Disturbance Observer (DOB)-based robust control of a Multi-Rotor UAV


*Stability analysis for controller design

Robotics & New Robot Platform Design

*Design of the mission-dedicated new robot device (T3-Multirotor)


*Equation of motion (EoM) analysis of the new robot device for practical application

State Estimation with New Ideas

*Swing angle estimation w. tension force vector estimation


2016 - 2020     

Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

​Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

2014 - 2016

Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

M.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

2008 - 2014

Hanyang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

I live in Seoul, Korea. I was interested in physics from my childhood but soon realized that I was more interested in applied sciences s.a. robotics. I studied M.E. in my undergraduate and thought about majoring in automotive engineering for a while. However, I realized that control engineering is my destiny and chose the career path for Aerial Robotics & Control, especially for the multi-rotor UAVs. Currently, I am interested in robust control of multi-rotor, and I am also developing a new type of multi-rotor platforms.



Seung Jae Lee



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